Cliff Consulting Methodology

Check in and check it out.
While there is a clear sequential process to our methodology, there are also ongoing processes continuously at work – leveraging internal resources, constantly surveying for unexpected needs or impediments, verifying we’re are all heading in the right direction and coaching team members to support consistent forward momentum.
  1. Clarify
    We integrate respectfully with your team – engaging and inquiring to identify needs, uncover hidden obstacles and define your ideal future state.
  2. Design
    We co-create with you, designing and tailoring the approach, structure and solution that will deliver tangible results, quick wins and ongoing success.
  3. Deliver
    With a focus on results, we facilitate and expedite the plan that integrates people, process and structures, targeting any issues and managing risks to delivery.
  4. Transition
    Our comprehensive hand-off process drives ongoing value because your team now owns the knowledge and tools to ensure the sustainable new reality.