Real change starts with people

Organizations aren’t built on processes and systems. They rely on people. That’s where Cliff’s work begins.


Keeping up with the times

The world is changing rapidly, and for organizations to continue to thrive, they too must change. Customers are driving the agenda, and technology is here to stay. Organizations have to become more flexible and agile. It is at the intersection of people and these changing times that we support organizations.



We see businesses differently, recognizing that people are at the core of exceptional work. Without understanding the human element, you can’t move forward.



We hate war rooms, and we don’t believe in standard answers. We work side by side with you to develop a fully customized solution.



We’re focused on how we can help your organization understand the implications of what’s coming and move forward successfully.


In business for 45+ years

Since our founding in 1972, Cliff has had the insight and foresight to successfully evolve alongside the Bay Area business community. We are a women-led firm with a passion for driving positive human-led change in organizations.

What do you need to move forward?

The world is changing rapidly, industries are converging, customers are driving the agenda and organizations must change the way they operate to thrive. We help clients and their teams keep step with the changing times.


Become a Forward-Moving, Customer-Driven Organization

The customer experience matters more than ever. We create the strategies and plans to transform organizations to be customer-centric.

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Build the Muscle for Continuous Change & Innovation

Organizations need to be able to shift and change. We work with clients to build the capabilities for continuous change and innovation.

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Create Human-Centric Processes & Structures

Speed and execution are paramount. We create structures and ways of working that are people-centric, agile and responsive.

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"Cliff did not just come in and tell us how to change. They empowered the team to be the creators of the process."

– SVP Social Channels, Fortune 100 Bank