Celebrating the Superheroes in Your Organization


Sunday, April 28th is National Superhero Day! What does the word, “superhero,” mean to you? For many of us, the word harkens back to our childhood: to a movie or comic book featuring the brave masked figures of our imagination, flying through danger to save the world — each one, gifted with a unique power we deeply admired. Some of us even imagined what power we might possess, if given the opportunity. 

National Superhero Day is a great reminder that these imaginative powers are rooted in reality, too. If you look closely, you’ll find everyday superheroes right in front of you — on your team. Those who once wanted to fly are innovative, free thinkers. Others who desired great strength, now embody the values of confidence, leadership and resilience. The healers and mind readers in the group likely serve as your team’s creative problem solvers and empaths. 

A superhero isn’t defined solely as a fictional hero with extraordinary powers. Superheroes are also the real people we interact with everyday, who have honed their “superpowers” to a level of exceptional skill and success. 

Today, we encourage you to ditch the concept of the mask and cape and celebrate the spark of inner greatness that each person on your team possesses. It’s the perfect opportunity to make some time to acknowledge the value they and their superpowers add to your organization. Here are a few tips to get you started: 

  • Name and celebrate the real superheroes on your team and across your organization who do the work and hit the mark, day in and day out. Acknowledge the specific projects or initiatives they’ve transformed through their gifts. 

  • Their superpowers didn’t show up overnight! Commend your superheroes' dedication to growth and to cultivating these special abilities which empower them — and your team — to rise to the occasion through challenging times. 

  • And, last, but not least, use this opportunity to inventory your own superpowers. Reflect on — and celebrate — what they’ve empowered you to accomplish, in both your professional and personal life. 

Expressing appreciation for the superheroes on your team is easy to do and creates a culture where people feel seen and valued — increasing their engagement and investment in your organization and its success. Let them know you see them flying! 

Kirsten Kuhlmann CEO & President