Join Cliff in the Make Time to Vote Campaign

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As CEO of Cliff Consulting, I’m proud to let you know that Cliff has joined companies across the United States in supporting the Make Time to Vote campaign, a nonpartisan effort led by CEOs, aimed at increasing voter participation. Collectively, CEOs from across the country and from a variety of industries are concerned about voter participation and have committed to encouraging their employees to vote in the upcoming and future elections. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you and your company to join Cliff and a growing list of companies taking action to ensure our employees have time to vote -- this year and in every election.

The U.S. has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the developed world, recently as low as 36 percent. One of the most common reasons people give for not voting is that they are too busy, or have work and life demands that prevent them from voting. To change this paradigm, Cliff has joined a diverse coalition of companies -- including Kaiser Permanente, GAP, LeviStrauss & Co., Patagonia, PayPal, Tyson Foods and Walmart -- coming together to increase voter turnout, starting with the upcoming November elections.

The Make Time to Vote campaign also aims to increase awareness about the steps employers can take to allow time for their employees to vote. The companies joining this campaign are committed to increasing voter participation through programs such as paid time off, a day without meetings and resources for mail-in ballots and early voting. 

At Cliff, we recognize the importance of voting and are fully committed to enabling our employees to exercise this essential constitutional right and civic responsibility. To ensure our team members have time to vote, we have authorized all Cliff employees to take up to three hours during the workday to vote. Employees can opt to come in late, take an extended lunch or leave three hours early on Election Day to vote. 

Please visit and join our coalition of concerned corporate citizens in the Make Time to Vote campaign, as we use the business community’s collective power to shift the paradigm toward full voter participation in our nation’s electoral process.

Kirsten Kuhlmann