Passion is a promise

What can you expect when working with Cliff? Integrity, creativity and a whole lot of passion. Your people will love working with our people.


Who we are

Since our founding in 1972, Cliff Consulting has had an always-on momentum that has allowed us to evolve over the decades alongside the brightest minds in the Bay Area serving a vibrant mix of industry leaders in the financial services, retail, healthcare, tech, biotech and philanthropy sectors.

We’re a vibrant mix, too. Our team brings passion and storied experience to every client interaction. Our clients trust us for the simple reason we’ve never given them a reason not to. We do what we say we’re going to do. And that’s the true strength of our team.


Our values

We recognize every client is different and approach each situation uniquely. But under it all, you can expect us to operate within our five values.



We give our clients our all and honor our word. We are respectful of our clients’ organizational culture and ways of working. We bring our whole, authentic selves to work and are committed to bringing out the best in each other and our clients.



We take our work seriously — but not ourselves — and maintain a sense of humor to stay cool. We believe in balance, and enjoy a good brew over a brouhaha.



We are tenacious and help our clients scale the toughest challenges with moxie. We take our work beyond the summit — for stellar results. We are knowledgeable but not know-it-alls. We love learning and adopting ideas that reveal the highest potential in ourselves and our clients.



We recognize the uniqueness of every situation and customize accordingly. We are worldly and bring fresh perspectives and flair to wow our customers.



We work in partnership with our clients and their teams, not dictating, but collaborating with them to achieve outstanding outcomes. We are connected to each other, and show the world One Cliff.


The core team

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Kirsten Kuhlmann

President & Owner

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Christina Schunemann - Retouched 5801 - 11mg - Shonnard - Sept 2018.jpg

Christina Schünemann

Senior Business Consultant

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Kent Johnson

Senior Business Consultant - Healthcare

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Lisa Paine

Senior Business Consultant - Strategy & Operations

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"Change is inevitable. But in business, we want to drive change that matters — the kind that helps businesses and people thrive and grow."

– Kirsten Kuhlmann, President & Owner, Cliff Consulting