Cliff Consulting harnesses the power of collaboration to uncover insights that transform, create solutions you can own, and realize extraordinary outcomes that bring growing value to your entire organization.

Working from the insight out.

You don’t need a consulting firm for the easy stuff. You turn to people like us to help you tackle your organization’s toughest problems or achieve your most critical goals.

Fortunately, turning tough and complicated into simple and ownable is what Cliff Consulting does for a living. And what we can do for you.

We delve deep inside your organization to understand your culture and DNA. Then we tap the collective intelligence and talents of your team, working collaboratively to drive outcomes that propel your entire organization ahead.

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When you put people first, you get results that last.

Our process begins and ends with people – your people. Experience has taught us that great results come from great collaborations. That’s why you’ll find us working with your team side by side, day in and day out. Listening and learning. Challenging and clarifying. Helping you achieve your goals and uncover new opportunities. So when our job is done, your success is just beginning.

What serves you.

The way we see it, it’s your needs and goals that matter most, not the services we offer. It’s our job to assess and determine which of our resources will serve you best. And then put them into action on your behalf. (And on the off chance we’re not the right fit for your project or organization, we’ll tell you that too.)

That said, you can count on our long-established Bay Area firm to provide a comprehensive suite of strategic, operational, executive, implementational and change-related services.

We love our clients.

They’re smart and interesting and fun to work with. They’re builders and creators of the Bay Area’s most innovative and respected companies, nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies. They care deeply about their people and the people they serve. And that makes us care about them all the more.
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Our clients love us too.

Cliff has gathered together an exceptional team of senior consultants and agents of change. Our clients tell us they appreciate our can-do attitude, collaborative spirit and sense of humor as much as our experience, integrity and objectivity.

Insightful. Experienced. Ethical. Curious. Positive.

They’re the qualities that make Cliff consultants so good at what they do. If they’re qualities you share, reach out to us. We’re always looking for outstanding people to join our team.

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