A quick wit and a quick study.

The phrase “hit the ground running” was invented for Melissa. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she’s a straight shooter with the invaluable ability to quickly grasp complex situations, get up to speed and see the most advantageous way to move ahead. 

For over two decades, she’s been working with clients to design change strategies, lead major change initiatives, optimize business processes and create high-impact change communications. She has also worked with globally-distributed teams on areas of organizational effectiveness, performance improvement and technology adoption.. In addition, she is well-versed in the critical areas of global organization effectiveness and improvement initiatives. Through her years of experience, she has worked in most major industries, including financial services, health care, pharmaceuticals, higher education, technology and utilities. She holds a BA in Urban Studies/Geography from the University of Texas, Austin and a Masters of City Planning from UC Berkeley. 

In her free time, Melissa enjoys cycling, hiking with her terrier, travelling and playing the violin.