She had a vision of what a consulting firm could be.

Having experienced the consulting process as both corporate executive and management consultant, Kirsten gradually formed her own vision of the firm she wanted to lead someday. It would be a vibrant and creative company for clients to work with – and consultants to work for. It would be a boutique – human-centric, highly collaborative, results-oriented and, oh yes, fun.

Fortunately, Kirsten’s path crossed with Cliff Consulting, a long established and widely respected Bay Area firm that shared many of her most important values, especially doing right by their clients and delivering solid outcomes. She first worked with Cliff as a consultant, and when the opportunity to acquire the firm presented itself, she jumped at the chance to realize her dream.

Today, Kirsten leads the kind of firm she envisioned for so long, and she works with Cliff’s clients to realize their own visions for their organizations. She coaches and helps to develop strategies that solve their most pressing challenges and carve the path forward. She helps leadership teams move ahead by facilitating meetings that drive shared goals and alignment. And she works closely with the consultants on their engagements.

During her 25-year career, Kirsten has gained experience with multinationals and startups in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, education, nonprofit, healthcare, retail and consumer goods. She has helped these organizations define strategies, plan and deliver large-scale cross-functional projects, pivot business models, and turn around and improve operations. Her clients prize her ability to operate on both the strategic and tactical levels and act as a highly adaptive change agent. Known for her crystal-ball clarity, well-honed relationships skills and talent for viewing challenges through a P&L lens, she approaches her work with intensity and commitment – along with healthy doses of humor and irreverence.

Kirsten received her BA in International Relations with a minor in German from Tulane University and an Executive Certificate in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School. She serves on the board of Newcomb Institute. In her free time, she enjoys her three dogs, painting, hiking and cooking and mentors and coaches emerging leaders.