An operations whiz who keeps us on track.

“Ask Carri. She’ll know” Around our office, you hear that a lot. With her energetic personality, eagerness to help and enthusiasm for building efficient operations and systems, Carri keeps us all going strong. As our Business Operations guru she has been instrumental in revamping both our firm’s internal operations and those of our clients to run on reliable and repeatable processes. 

Carri comes to Cliff with years of administrative experience including a long stint as VP of Administration for a leading international design-build government contractor. After starting a family, she transitioned into the wine industry and spent the next decade revamping operations for Napa wineries. As a result, Carri brings us not only in-depth expertise in small business operations, but an amazing knowledge of delicious wines. We have yet to decide which talent we value more.

Carri enjoys spending time in Tahoe with her husband Greg and their Goldendoodle Billie.